Description and Outcomes

The objective of the upper level Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration program is to prepare you with the knowledge, technical skills, and work habits to pursue positions in a variety of business fields. The curriculum is designed to provide a solid foundation in management and helps you develop teamwork and leadership skills as well as the ability to motivate people and communicate effectively. Decision-making and problem solving skills are also emphasized.

Career Focus Areas

You can personalize your degree in business administration by focusing electives on a particular career focus area. Career focus areas consist of a minimum of four 300- or 400-level courses and allow you to concentrate on your career interests. Career focus areas in the Bachelor’s Degree in Science in Business Administration program are not available to students enrolling in the advanced start version of the program.

Program Length

The Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration program consists of a minimum of 92 quarter credits. Upon successful completion of the program, you will be awarded the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

Discipline Specific Outcomes

  • Evaluate information management, planning, and control in business environments.
  • Analyze organizational processes and procedures in a variety of business settings.
  • Synthesize appropriate principles, concepts, and frameworks for making ethical decisions.
  • Assess the roles that structure, management, and leadership play in organizational performance.
  • Evaluate how economics, government, and law affect value creation in the global context.
  • Evaluate career skills in the field of business and management.

Admissions Requirements

You must meet the below admissions requirements in addition to TUA’s general admissions requirements.

  • Completed Application
  • Academic Records. Applicants must submit an official transcript indicating successful completion of an associate’s degree program from an institution accredited by an accrediting agency. Transcripts should be sent directly to the Office of Admissions from all schools previously attended.
  • The student must have earned 60 transferable semester credits, or 90 transferable quarter credits as an undergraduate with a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale. Of the credits earned, 30 transferable semester credits, or 45 transferable quarter credits must be in general education. Minimum requirement is 6 semester credits, or 9 quarter credits in English, Plus 6 semester credits, or 9 quarter credits in college level math. Plus 6 semester credits, or 9 quarter credits in physical or biological sciences. Plus 6 semester credits, or 9 quarter credits in History. Plus 6 semester credits, or 9 quarter credits in Social Sciences. The balance may be in general education courses of your choice.

    Note: you must have basic accounting and economics as part of the transferable credits.
  • For those required to take the TOEFL exam, a minimum score of 600 is required.
  • Selection is based on high promise of success in graduate study in business administration, as indicated by a combination of:
  • Prior academic performance;
  • 2 letters of recommendation from employers or professors;
  • A current resume


Course Course Name Units
Quarter 1

BUS 301

Information Technology for Management


BUS 302

Effective Communication Skills


BUS 303

Organizational Development


Quarter 2

BUS 304

Fundamentals for Business Management


BUS 305

Innovation and Entrepreneurship


BUS 401

Business Ethics


Quarter 3

BUS 402

Principles of Economics


BUS 403

Quality Management


BUS 404

Marketing Principles


Quarter 4

BUS 405

An Introduction to Organizational Behavior


BUS 406

Operations Management


BUS 407

Project Cycle Management


Quarter 5

BUS 408

Business Plan Development


BUS 409

Total Performance Scorecard


BUS 410

Management Accounting


Quarter 6

BUS 411



BUS 412

Seminar in Personal Leadership Branding


BUS 413

Maintenance Management


Quarter 7

BUS 414

Qualitative Research Practice


BUS 415

Employment Development


BUS 416

Seminar in Change Management


Quarter 8

IT 303

Computer Technology

IT 304

Programming Principles


Total Credit required


Graduation Requirements

To graduate, you must:

  • Successfully complete 92 quarter credits of the required courses for your program of study and obtain the minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 required within the maximum time frame permitted (see the Satisfactory Academic Progress section for further information).
  • Return all property belonging TUA.
  • Attend Career Resources and Financial Aid exit interviews online, if applicable.
  • Fulfill all financial obligations to the university prior to graduation unless previous satisfactory arrangements have been made. If satisfactory financial arrangements are not made, the graduation credential will be withheld.

Cost of Instruction

The table below is an estimate of the cost of instruction for the BA degree based on normal time for completion of 2 years (8 Quarters).

Degree Program Bachelor: Business

Application Fee (Non Refundable)


Total Tuition for poor students, including scholarship


Books and Learning Materials


Supplies and Kits




International Transcript Evaluation Fee


Certified Translation


TOEFL or IELTS Testing Fees


STRF Fee (California residents only)


Assessment Fees for Transfer of Credit


Fee for Transfer of Credit


TOEFL or IELTS Testing Fees


Library fees (Library Cards or Use Fees)


Commencement fee (when student files graduation request).


*Cost of books based on Amazon listed cost of the book

**The cost of evaluating international transcripts will vary due to the number of course and degrees that need to be evaluated. Certified Translation cost will vary due to the number of pages that must be translated.

***The total charges do not include the cost of International Transcript Evaluation Fees, Certified Translation Fees and Fee for Transfer of Credit.

**** Paid to library directly